Healthy Living: When a Diet Seems Impossible

Posted: July 22, 2013

After a full day of twisting roads, dusty traffic and hot, tight dock sites, what you could use is a quick dinner. Who wants to spend time waiting for your food when you can make a quick hit to a fast food spot, eat and then shuffle off to a few hours of sleep. Continue reading

Healthy Living: How to Squeeze a Run into Your Run

Posted: July 3, 2013

  We all agree it’s not the easiest profession in the world. We spend long hours away from home riding in front of thousands of pounds of cargo, battling weather that rivals the plagues of ancient Egypt. To make matters more difficult, driving all those hours each day leaves very little time to take care of ourselves. We grab a quick burger and sit behind the wheel. We find a late night taco stand and then try to sleep in the cab. Altogether, it is not a routine that promotes a healthy report from our family doctor. According to National Institute of Health, more than 50% of all truck drivers … Continue reading

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