Don’t be “Accidental” – 4 Ways to be Proactive in Preventing Accidents

Posted: October 22, 2013

Whether your vehicle has four or 18 wheels, safety on the road is a concern for every driver. Here at Carter Express, safety is our top priority. We have been voted Number One in safety for carriers our size by the Truckload Carriers Association three different times, and we have one of lowest accident ratios in the nation. To continue our success in safety, here are a few ways you can help avoid accidents on the road. Continue reading

From Start to Finish, It’s All About Safety

Posted: October 8, 2013

There can be nothing more intimidating than the roar of the engine of the big trucks going down the highway. The sound can be deafening and the sheer size of machine and trailer can be heart stopping when viewed in the rear view mirror of a small car. Continue reading

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