Congratulations 4th Quarter Harley Winner


Congratulations Charlie Hopkins!

Charlie has been with Carter Express since April of 1994 and was our 2008 Driver of The Year.  His son, Collin, also started working for Carter Express in December of 2015 so their family has two generations of Carter Express Drivers!

To be eligible for the Harley drawing, you must have four consecutive quarters in a row with no safety violations.  After that, your name is entered into the drawing every quarter that you qualify.  Charlie has over 2.5 million safe miles with the company.  He is currently running the new Stant shuttles every day.

Thank you Charlie for your commitment to safe driving.  For the benefit of our team, our business, and most importantly, our families – we need more drivers like you on the road.  We hope you enjoy your new Harley!