Carter Express Vandalia Launches Two New Customer Lines

The Carter Express Vandalia (DCD) facility has already undergone several changes in 2017.  Last week, the team celebrated not only the launch of a new management team (Site Manager, Facility Manager, and a Floor Supervisor) but also two new customer lines:  Toyota Export and Toyota Service.

The Vandalia team has work very hard to be successful in the two launches and also the transition in management.  During this time, everyone had to be on their A-game in order to maintain continuity on the floor and keep the highest standards we all expect at Carter throughout the transition.

Phil Hammel, Nick Geesaman, Nicholas Lance, Drake Hatch, Greg King, and of course myself (the master chef) all joined in thanking the team.  We got to celebrate this huge success last week with a cookout.  Visit our Facebook album to see the photos!