In Memoriam: Bruce Lynch

Dear Carter Family,

 It is with heavy hearts that we issue the following statement. In our 32 year history we had been very fortunate to have never lost a driver on the job. Unfortunately, that ended today when our friend and driver, Bruce Lynch passed away from injuries sustained in an accident he had last Wednesday morning. Bruce first joined the Carter Family in 2008 and then rejoined the team again in 2014. He ran the board and was a Driver Trainer, successfully training four of our driver trainees in the past year. As of the end of last year, Bruce had driven 250,000 miles for Carter Express.

 Our thoughts and prayers are with Bruce’s wife, Christine, and their children, family and friends. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or a member of the management team.

– John Paugh, President

Annual Banquet – RSVP NOW!

It’s almost that time again for our Annual Company Awards Banquet!  Join us for a night of awards, dinner, and dancing! 

When: Saturday, June 10th 2017

Where: Anderson Country Club, Anderson IN 46012

Time: Registration 5:00PM Appetziers 5:30PM Dinner 6:00PM Awards 7:00PM Entertainment 8:00PM to 11PM

RSVP NOW! https://carterexpress.wufoo.com/forms/qdkd61n0ylb0u7/

OR Call Erica Hauser X1244, Donna Holbrook X1250, or Katy Waldrep X1221

Hotels Rates and Shuttle Information available.


2017 Employee Golf Outing

Join us for our 2017 Employee Golf Outing!

When: Saturday, June 10th 2017

Where: Anderson Country Club, Anderson IN 46012

Time: 10:30AM Registration & Team Assignments 11:00AM Shotgun Start

RSVP NOW! Call Erica Hauser X1244, Donna Holbrook X1250, or Katy Waldrep X1221


SAVE the DATE – Terminal Events Family Day

Family day is a great way for us to show appreciation to our employees and their families!  Join us for an upcoming event for your terminal! Details to follow.


Anderson Family Day – August 19th, 2017
Paragould Family Day – October 14th, 2017
Romulus Family Day – September 23rd, 2017
Laredo Family Day – November 4th, 2017
Knoxville Family Day – Date TBD
Canton Family Day – Date TBD

We hope to see you soon!

Driver Safety Tips: Fatigue Awareness and Prevention

Much like alcohol, fatigue delays reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases the risk of a collision. Studies show that drivers who have gone 21 hours without sleep have similar side effects as someone who has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% (Legal Limit). Drivers who have gone 24 hours without sleep are comparable to someone who has a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.10%.

Signs of Fatigue include excess yawning, blurred vision and heavy eyes.

Temporary Fatigue Solutions Provided by Carter Drivers:

  • – Roll Down Window
  • – Drink something cold or caffeinated
  • – Bring a cooler and place a cold, wet washcloth on neck
  • – Park truck and take a short walk or inspect your truck
  • – Park and take a 30-minute nap


Please remember that these are only temporary fixes and your focus should be on preventing fatigue from ever setting in. Fatigue prevention starts with getting quality, uninterrupted sleep. Maintaining a healthy diet and creating an exercise routine will help increase energy and focus. Avoid sweet and starchy carbohydrates such as cookies, white rice, white bread and enriched white pasta.

More details will be provided at the next safety meeting.

Driving Healthy Tips: Tick and Tick-borne Disease Season is Here

Experts are warning that this year’s tick season could be worse and more widespread than ever due to milder winters, booming mice and deer populations, and the 2015 abundant acorn crop. Unfortunately, with the projected increase of ticks, the threat of tick-borne disease, including the most common, Lyme disease, also increases.

The best way to avoid contracting a tick-borne disease is to practice proper preventive measures, which include the following:

  • – Wear light-colored clothing, including long-sleeved shirts and pants when in wooded areas, and tuck pant legs into socks or boots. Keep long hair tied back.
  • – Wash your body and clothing after all outdoor activities.
  • – Look periodically for ticks if you have been outdoors, especially if you have been in wooded areas or gardens.
  • – Remove ticks within 24 hours to greatly reduce the risk of contracting disease.
  • – Talk with your veterinarian about tick repellent for your pet.
  • – Check your pet’s coat if it has been in a possible tick-infested area.


For more information on ticks and tick-borne disease, click here.

Blood Drive – Anderson!

Help us save a life this Summer by donating!

Why Donate?!

  • – It feels great to donate!
  • – You get free juice and delicious cookies.
  • – It’s something you can spare  most people have blood to spare… yet, there is still not enough to go around.
  • – You will help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed most people don’t think they’ll ever need blood, but many do.
  • – You will be someone’s hero  in fact, you could help save more than one life with just one donation


When: June 16th
Where: Anderson Headquarters – Red Cross Blood Mobile
Time: 10:30AM to 4:30PM


To sign up or for more information! Call Katy Waldrep at X1221.

May Milestone Anniversaries

The following employees will hit a “milestone” anniversary in May of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years of service. Please congratulate everyone listed below when you see them at Carter!

  • 3 Years: Anderson:  Brett Bilger, Reed Dunkerly, Chris Fuchs, Mia Interrante, Kalea Kelly, Kennette Lusher Dayton: James Price, Julie Sparks  Romulus: Richard North Knoxville: Mark Ferguson, Glenn Smith
  • 5 Years: Anderson: Joey Blanton, James Dates Paragould: Jera Dowdy Laredo: Jose Olivares
  • 10 Years: Anderson: Tad Wallace Romulus: Ashley King
  • 20 Years: Anderson: Tommy Morgan


April New Hires – Welcome!

We had 41 new employees join Carter in April. Please help us welcome them to the Carter Family!

  • Anderson: Garrett Bankston, Andrew Becker, Jessica Golday, Thomas Konopa, Phil Martinez, Harriston Motley, Justin Tillman, Anthony Vaccaro, Doug Warnke

  • Anderson Drivers: Chris Babcock, Marquis Chamberlain, Timothy Elias, Carmalita Estes, Zack Goetz, Randy Northern, Thomas Riddle, William Roberts, James Simpkins, James White
  • Paragould Drivers: Randall Nipper, Craig Staires, Jennifer Staires
  • Laredo: Robert Martinez, Ricardo Sanchez
  • Laredo Drivers: David Cantu, Todd Chamberlain, George Lopez
  • Romulus Drivers: Arthur Charron, Jeremie Dieudonne, Michael Oatley, Chris Purcella
  • Knoxville: David Clemons, Mark Stroupe
  • Knoxville Drivers:
  • Dayton: Jermaine Fedrick, Diana Trisler, Scott Whitt
  • Dayton Drivers: Jamie Banis, Tim Boyer, Richard Henderson, Scott Van Winkle
  • Hebron Drivers: Jeffrey Maggard

Thank you for choosing to join the Carter team. We are happy you are here.

Phone Extension List for Drivers

Please note, the best way to get information about your load is to call the general dispatch number. If you have time sensitive information or questions, please do not leave a voicemail for specific individuals, use the general dispatch number. If you need something specific and it is not time sensitive information regarding your load, please contact one of the individuals listed below. Thank you!

  • General Dispatch #: 1-800-738-7705 
  • Vice President of Operations: Jim Stetnish – 1277
  • Director of Operations: Ken Hesseling – 1308
  • Operations Managers:
      • Brittni Miller – 1367
      • Michelle Mahoney – 1315
      • Kirtis Horning – 1314
      • Shari Mullins – 1311
  • Safety Director: Rick Wisener – 1233
  • Assistant Safety Director/Training Coordinator: Darick Underwood – 1445
  • Accounting: Breeanna Huggler – 1627
  • Logs Coordinator: Angie Beattey
  • Fuel Cards: Donna Holbrook – 1250
  • Director of Recruiting: Jim Fairfield – 1285
  • Recruiters: 
    • Kelli Tafliger – 1286
    • Dewana Dulworth – 1212
  • Driver Resources: Erica Hauser – 1244
  • Payroll: 
      • Kim Otto – 1358
      • Kerri Donovan – 1227
  • Benefits Information:
    • Tammy Lambert – 1351
    • Breeanna Huggler – 1627
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