Integrity is a subjective term meaning something different to each person. According to Collins English Dictionary, integrity is defined as an “adherence to moral principles; honesty.” It doesn’t matter what industry we are in, integrity is a highly valued commodity and yet, at the same time, is in appallingly short supply.

In looking for the Best Trucking Company to work for, integrity stands out for us as a value that is non-negotiable. We consider these points to be binding in every aspect of our trucking business:

First, the law is the law. The Department of Transportation and other legal entities, in their wisdom, have passed legislation establishing safety standards for all trucking companies. Some companies may consider these laws to be suggestions; we believe them to be vital to the safety and well being of not only our company, but the drivers who risk their livelihood on the interstates and highways every day.

In addition, while some may adhere to just the letter of the law, we are committed to continually establish, monitor and research safety procedures that the current laws may not even mention. All of our families are depending on us to do so. Integrity means driving safety.

From the time a client places an order with us until the time we get our driver back home safely we understand that we all play a vital role in delivering a service that has been the backbone of our national economy for generations. We never overlook the role each of our stakeholders plays in our success. Integrity means building and maintaining a strong team.

Driving Value
We all understand that we are in this business to make money. While adhering to safety and teamwork concerns, we are also committed to driving value; this means we will do all within our power to provide our truck driving team with optimal loads, economic routes and the latest Lean Logistics strategies that make sense not only for us but our valued clients. Integrity means promoting value in every part of our business, every day.

Integrity in our business, just like in our personal lives, is paramount to fostering trust with and for each of our employees, drivers, contractors and customers. We believe that as we pursue excellence through honesty and fair dealings, the best trucking company will succeed.


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