Quality Equipment

With over 700 tractors and 1,300 trailers available for delivery, dependability and safety are of highest importance for Carter Express. Fleet management for an inventory of this size requires the best people, the best facilities, the best tools and the best technology.

We understand that downtime is money out of everyone’s pocket. A lack of proper maintenance is a safety hazard for our drivers and unavailable equipment means a bottleneck for our entire business.

Our state-of-the-art maintenance facility gets your equipment in, diagnoses the problem quickly and makes repairs according to your specifications. The shop’s timeliness and efficiency gets you back on the road carrying another load or back home when you are done with your route. With an expert team of technicians using the latest in service technology we put a veritable “pit crew” at your disposal to make sure your repairs and maintenance are done right the first time, putting the “Express” in Carter Express.

Proper maintenance cycles, premium replacement parts and our attention to detail ensure that our fleet is not only ready when you need them, but dependable through weather, road conditions and hours of operation.

No matter what size load, space requirements or additional equipment needs you may face, Carter Express will have just the truck, trailer or tool required to make that haul quick and easy. Fleet management is a matter of serious concern to us, as it is to you. Quality Equipment means the difference between an on-time delivery and sitting by the side of the road. Carter Express stands ready to solve all your maintenance needs.


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