SAFETY NOTICE – Dates for yearly brake check blitz announced!

Brake Safety Week is coming!  Are you prepared?


September 15th through September 21st throughout the U.S. and Canada is Brake Safety Week. During this time frame, law enforcement will be conducting roadside inspections to look for critical brake violations. Vehicles that have critical violations will be placed out of service. This year the focus for law enforcement will be on brake hoses and tubing.


In 2018, over 35,000 inspections were done on commercial vehicles during the week long campaign.


For more information, visit this link!


Please pay extra attention during your pre-trip inspections! Have a concern? Please reach out to the Safety Department or schedule an appointment with Carter Maintenance!


As always, stay safe!

Owner Operator of the Quarter – Manuel Martinez Jr.

Manuel Martinez Jr. was chosen as our Owner Operator of the Quarter for the Second Quarter of 2019.


Manual initially joined the Carter Family as a company driver. After three years, in 2004, he started the process of owning his own truck. With help from his mom and a $5000.00 down-payment, he successfully bought his very own truck and became the owner operator he is today. Now, Manuel is on his 3rd truck and credits his mom for that push that lead to his successful career.

Manuel grew up in Chicago, Illinois and is an avid Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bears fan! In his spare time, Manuel enjoys traveling with his family.

Fun Fact – Manuel is the President of the Benito Juarez Men’s Baseball League in Indianapolis, IN. He not only plays the sport, but manages The Bull’s baseball team.


Please help us congratulate Manuel Martinez Jr.!

Save the Date

Hey Carter! We are excited to announce the following dates for upcoming Carter events.  We’ve planned some NEW events and kept some of our old favorites.  We hope to see all of you at an event soon.


Romulus Employee Appreciation
Sunday, September 15th
Romulus Athletic Center


Knoxville Employee Appreciation
Saturday, October 5th
Museum of Appalachia
RSVP website coming soon!


Employee Awards Banquet
Saturday, November 23rd
Embassy Suites Noblesville IN
RSVP website coming soon!


Canton Employee Appreciation
October 26th, 2019
Details Coming Soon


Laredo Employee Appreciation
Saturday, November 2nd 2019
Details Coming Soon!


Questions regarding an upcoming Carter Event or Happening? Email Katy Waldrep at

Carter Express & Elect RX! Save money on Name Brand Prescriptions!

Carter Express and Elect Rx Want You to Save Significant DOLLAR$ on Your Brand Drugs!


If you absolutely must take a Brand drug as a part of a long-term maintenance medication regimen then the Elect Rx Personal Importation Program is designed specifically for you.  Check to see if your Brand drug is a part of the Elect Rx program.  If it is, you will be AMAZED at your savings.  Carter Express Traditional plan members benefit from a $0 co-pay (Free!!) with Elect Rx.  High Deductible plan members will see prices that are 30% to 80% less.


The Elect Rx Personal Importation program is easy to use:

  1. Call customer service to enroll – 1-844-ELECTRX (1-844-353-2879)
  2. Ask the customer service representative if your Brand drug is covered under the Elect Rx program.
  3. If your Brand drug is covered, then have your Doctor fax your 90-day script (with three refills) to the Elect Rx toll free fax number – 1-844-333-0700
  4. It is that simple! No forms to fill out.

Elect Rx is a safe and reliable source for many of the FDA approved versions of Brand drugs that are required as a part of a long-term maintenance medication regimen.  These scripts are dispensed from “brick and mortar” retail pharmacies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England.  Helpful Tip:  The first script through Elect Rx may take 3-4 weeks to arrive in the mail so have at least a 30-day supply on hand at the time your first script is faxed.


Have questions? Please reach out to the HR Department!

Driver of the Month – June 2019

Congratulations to our June Drivers of the Month! 


Anderson Terminal – Dustin Jayne

Dustin Jayne joined the Carter Family in May of 2003.  In 2014, Dustin joined the 1 Million Mile Safe Driver Club, and is very proud of the special decal on the side of his truck!  Dustin is known to be very dependable, and our Operations Team never has to worry about his route because they know he will handle any issue that arises with true professionalism.

Dustin is very close with his immediate family.  They can be found cheering on the Colts together, and traveling to vacation destinations. Favorites? Colorado or Florida.  Other hobbies for Dustin include fishing, hiking, riding his Harley, and camping.  “If the weather is nice outside, I cannot just sit in the house and watch TV – I have to do something to stay busy”, said Dustin.


Hebron Terminal – Ray Coleman

Ray Coleman joined the Carter Family in April of 2016, and was a part of our original “startup crew” for our location in Hebron, Kentucky. Ray is known as a resource for our drivers, and is a member of our Driver Committee Team. He has strong relationships with fellow drivers and management and is known to bring awareness and solutions to all sides.

Ray and his wife recently bought a new home together, and are enjoying the renovation process. Ray loves to be out on his Harley Davidson, and has never missed a bike week in Daytona. He loves to support local charities by participating in donation rides. Ray admits to hibernating in the winter, and hates cold weather.

Story Continued on Facebook, click the link!

Congratulations Driver of the Month Winners!

Let’s stay SOCIAL! NEW Podcast!

We are excited to Introduce our new ‘Wheels In Motion’ Podcast! On the podcast, Carter plans to release a monthly episode that will help enrich our listeners with industry insight and tips for customers.  SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Available on Apple Podcast….Search ‘Wheels In Motion’

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Introducing the NEW Company Driver Bonus Program

We are excited to announce a 3% quarterly safety & performance bonus for our company drivers! This bonus is in addition to the base pay you are receiving now, and is a 3% increase in gross pay. This bonus is very similar to the bonus program that we rolled into the base pay in July of 2017. The bonus program will start in the second quarter, beginning on April 1st.  Please watch your mail for more information detailing the program.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone regarding the NEW bonus program, please reach out to our Driver Relations Team @ or call Shonda X1270 or Erica X1244.


As always drive safe!


Team Driver Match-Up – We can help

Are you a solo driver who has interest in Team Driving, but doesn’t have another TEAM member? OR are you a solo driver whose spouse or significant other has an interest in driving, but doesn’t have a CDL?


Contact our Recruiting Department or Driver Relations to find your perfect TEAM match!

Jim Fairfield EXT 1285 can help your spouse or significant other obtain the tools to be a professional driver!

Shonda Claborn EXT 1270 can help find another solo driver who wants to team!!


Driving Healthy Tips: Eye Health 101

Keeping your eyes healthy is a very important task. Fortunately, it’s also an easy thing to do. Here are five simple ways you can keep your eyes healthy:

  • Get a regular exam. Complete eye exams consist of a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases.
  • Wear protective eyewear. When you’re playing sports or doing a task that requires eyewear to be worn, heed the advice and wear glasses or goggles to prevent injury to your eyes.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking can contribute to a host of irreversible eye diseases, so quit or refrain from smoking to protect your eyes.
  • Put your shades on. Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Don’t forget to put them on when you’re outside!
  • Give your eyes a break. Staring at a computer screen for too long can cause a painful strain on your eyes. Whenever possible, try giving yourself a short break from looking at the screen.

Stay Healthy Carter!

Health Insurance

February Quarterly Profit Sharing Meeting