Driving Safety Tips – The hidden costs of Speeding

As the weather becomes nicer across the country, it seems that everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. Yes, you may save a minute or two, but is it really worth it?

In 2017, speeding killed nearly 10,000 people, accounting for 26% of all traffic fatalities that year. In addition to lives lost, studies show that speeders are:

  • 45% more likely to be involved in a near collision
  • More likely to fail to comply with stop signs and red lights
  • Experience 2.7x less MPG than non-speeders
  • More likely to engage in unsafe lane changing, merging, passing, braking and turning

So, the next time you plan your trip, plan it with enough time so you don’t have to speed. Don’t be one of these statistics.

Save the Date

Hey Carter! We are excited to announce the following dates for upcoming Carter events.  We’ve planned some NEW events and kept some of our old favorites.  We hope to see all of you at an event soon.

Paragould Family Day
Saturday, June 29th
Paragould Community Center


Anderson Family Day
Saturday, August 24th
Indianapolis Indians – Victory Field
RSVP website coming soon!


Romulus Family Day
Sunday, September 15th
Romulus Athletic Center
RSVP website coming soon!


Knoxville Family Day
Saturday, October 5th
Museum of Appalachia
RSVP website coming soon!


Employee Awards Banquet
Saturday, November 23rd
Embassy Suites Noblesville IN
RSVP website coming soon!


Laredo & Canton Terminal Events details to follow!

Questions regarding an upcoming Carter Event or Happening? Email Katy Waldrep at

Driver of the Month – April 2019

Congratulations to our April Drivers of the Month! 

Anderson – Rex Edwards
Rex joined the Carter Family in November of 2003. Since he joined the Carter Team, Rex has driven over two million safe and accident free miles making him an asset to our team. Rex is dedicated to keeping our freight moving and is always willing to help out on any route.

Laredo – Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez joined the Carter Family in September of 2008. He began his Carter career as a solo driver, but currently runs as a team. With over 15 years of professional driving experience and a million safe miles driven with Carter, Juan was an easy choice for this award. 

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Congratulations Driver of the Month Winners!

Owner Operator of the Quarter

Joe Marshall has been recognized as Owner Operator of the Quarter. Joe joined the Carter Family over a decade ago, but officially became an owner operator in October of 2013. In his career at Carter, he has driven over 1.5 million safe accident free miles. He was chosen for this award because of his dedication and loyalty to both Carter and his customers – it is known that you can always count on Joe!

Joe and his wife, Nichole, have three children together. In their spare time, they can be found spending time on the family boat, camping, and staying active.

Fun Fact about Joe: Joe enjoys running and cycling to stay fit. He even rides his bike to the dentist while waiting for his load in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He parks the trailer and heads to his appointment all on a bike he keeps in his truck.

Congratulations Joe on this accomplishment! We are proud to have you as a member of our Carter Family!

Let’s stay SOCIAL! NEW Podcast!

We are excited to Introduce our new ‘Wheels In Motion’ Podcast! On the podcast, Carter plans to release a monthly episode that will help enrich our listeners with industry insight and tips for customers.  SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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Introducing the NEW Company Driver Bonus Program

We are excited to announce a 3% quarterly safety & performance bonus for our company drivers! This bonus is in addition to the base pay you are receiving now, and is a 3% increase in gross pay. This bonus is very similar to the bonus program that we rolled into the base pay in July of 2017. The bonus program will start in the second quarter, beginning on April 1st.  Please watch your mail for more information detailing the program.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone regarding the NEW bonus program, please reach out to our Driver Relations Team @ or call Shonda X1270 or Erica X1244.


As always drive safe!


Team Driver Match-Up – We can help

Are you a solo driver who has interest in Team Driving, but doesn’t have another TEAM member? OR are you a solo driver whose spouse or significant other has an interest in driving, but doesn’t have a CDL?


Contact our Recruiting Department or Driver Relations to find your perfect TEAM match!

Jim Fairfield EXT 1285 can help your spouse or significant other obtain the tools to be a professional driver!

Shonda Claborn EXT 1270 can help find another solo driver who wants to team!!



Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not need to involve tightening your budget.

Here are some ways to get and stay healthy without breaking the bank:

  • Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. You will get the best tasting food for your money and the widest selection. Also, look to see what in-season fruits and veggies are on sale. Incorporate those into your weekly meal plans.
  • Exercise with a friend instead of joining a fitness club. Your friend will make you accountable for working out, will cheer you on to succeed and will be with you as you make strides towards your fitness goals. If you do not have a human companion to work out with, walk or run with your dog on a regular basis.
  • Look for healthy bargains in your grocery store. This may be as simple as choosing oatmeal instead of sugary, expensive cereals for breakfast or buying portabella mushrooms instead of red meat.
  • Don’t smoke. A pack of cigarettes is expensive. Save on the cost of cigarettes and even more in medical bills, as you will be healthier without engaging in this habit.
  • Plan your meals before you shop. Knowing what meals you plan to prepare for the week will prevent you from buying unnecessary food items.
  • Spring for a pedometer. Walking a specific number of steps per day can help motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Though you will have to invest in the pedometer, your health will improve and you will reduce your health costs in the end.

While purchasing something off the fast food menu may seem inexpensive and enticing, the costs to you will be far greater, as grease-filled foods may contribute to health problems that will cost you in medical bills and time away from work, family and friends.

May Milestone Anniversaries

The following employees will hit a “milestone” anniversary in May of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years of service. Please congratulate everyone listed below when you see them at Carter!

3 Years – Chad Winters, Christian Rydman, Anthony Sturgill

5 Years – Mark Ferguson, Chris Fuchs, Mia Interrante, Kennette Lusher, Richard North, Glenn Smith

25 Years – Jay Trieb


Health Insurance

February Quarterly Profit Sharing Meeting