Safety Announcement – CSA Alert Speeding

In a recent edition of Transport Topics, leaders in the industry discussed the number of speeding violations in Indiana.  In the past two years, more than 46,000 speeding violations were handed out to truck drivers going too fast, mostly on interstates and rural highways in Indiana. That number represents 15% of all violations and more than twice the number of violations recorded by any other state in the country.  Recently, we were notified that the 250 or so sworn officers who patrol the Indiana roadways will be stepping up enforcement on unsafe and speeding violations over the next several months.  Please watch your speed at all times. As mentioned at the last Safety meeting our unsafe driving violations have been on the rise. We need help from all of our drivers to reduce our violations.


To read the full Transport Topics article – follow the link!


As always, drive safe and know your “No Fly” Zones.

Questions? Please reach out to the Safety Department X1970.

Save the Date

Hey Carter! We are excited to announce the following dates for upcoming Carter events.  We’ve planned some NEW events and kept some of our old favorites.  We hope to see all of you at an event soon.


Vandalia & Hebron Family Day
Saturday, May 18th
BB Riverboats Newport KY
RSVP website coming soon!


Paragould Family Day
Saturday, June 29th
Paragould Community Center


Anderson Family Day
Saturday, August 24th
Indianapolis Indians – Victory Field
RSVP website coming soon!


Romulus Family Day
Sunday, September 15th
Romulus Athletic Center
RSVP website coming soon!


Knoxville Family Day
Saturday, October 5th
Museum of Appalachia
RSVP website coming soon!


Employee Awards Banquet
Saturday, November 23rd
Embassy Suites Noblesville IN
RSVP website coming soon!


Laredo & Canton Terminal Events details to follow!

Questions regarding an upcoming Carter Event or Happening? Email Katy Waldrep at

Driver of the Month – February 2019

Congratulations to our  February Drivers of the Month! 

Anderson – Dan Cox
Dan joined the Carter Family in April of 2008.  Dan was once apart of a team operation, but currently is a solo domicile driver. Dan’s dispatchers mention his dependability and what a pleasure he is to work with.  Our customers and  team members all agree that they never have to worry about Dan while on his route, he is such a caring driver.  Story Continued on Facebook, click the link!

Vandalia – Alvy Slone
Alvy Slone joined the Carter Family in December of 2013.  For the past four years, Alvy has been a Driver Trainer and Driver Mentor.  He cares about the well-being of his fellow drivers, but especially those starting a new career as a professional driver.   Alvy is known to always have a smile on his face and is always happy to help a new driver joining our team.  He is known as ‘The Peacemaker’ by his coworkers and his close friends! Story Continued on Facebook, click the link!


Congratulations Driver of the Month Winners!

“Staged Accidents” on the Rise – What you can do to protect yourself

Picture this.   You are driving down the interstate and are flagged down by a motorist claiming that you have sideswiped their vehicle.  With little damage to the vehicle and no damage to your truck,  can you prove your innocence? Unfortunately, this scenario is a real life incident plaguing our industry.  Robert Runnel, a professional truck driver, found himself in this exact situation on November 17th, 2017.  A recent article in Transport Topics, features his case and spotlights this growing trend devised against professional drivers and the companies who employ them.


To read the full article – follow the link!


What can you do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation?
With SmartDrive technology, you have the ability to manually activate the camera system by clicking the manual trigger button on the keypad. A single click will save 10 seconds prior to activation and 10 seconds after. In the situation described above, you should hold the trigger for 10 consecutive seconds as this will save the video footage 10 minutes prior to the activation.  This camera footage will help aid investigators in determining fault.  Both Audio and visual evidence can help to exonerate the driver by showing him safely and legally operating his truck and maintaining his lane at the time of the alleged incident.  It has been proven in many cases that cameras have exonerated carriers and drivers from hefty lawsuits threatening the career of the driver and the company.


For more information about how SmartDrive works or tips on how you can use SmartDrive to your benefit, please reach out to the Safety Department at X1970. 

Introducing the NEW Company Driver Bonus Program

We are excited to announce a 3% quarterly safety & performance bonus for our company drivers! This bonus is in addition to the base pay you are receiving now, and is a 3% increase in gross pay. This bonus is very similar to the bonus program that we rolled into the base pay in July of 2017. The bonus program will start in the second quarter, beginning on April 1st.  Please watch your mail for more information detailing the program.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone regarding the NEW bonus program, please reach out to our Driver Relations Team @ or call Shonda X1270 or Erica X1244.


As always drive safe!


Team Driver Match-Up – We can help

Are you a solo driver who has interest in Team Driving, but doesn’t have another TEAM member? OR are you a solo driver whose spouse or significant other has an interest in driving, but doesn’t have a CDL?


Contact our Recruiting Department or Driver Relations to find your perfect TEAM match!

Jim Fairfield EXT 1285 can help your spouse or significant other obtain the tools to be a professional driver!

Shonda Claborn EXT 1270 can help find another solo driver who wants to team!!


Driving Healthy Tips: Don’t Let Tax Filing Season Get the Best of You

The April 15 deadline to file your 2018 tax returns will be here before you know it. If you’re like many Americans, hearing the phrase “tax season” can induce stress—and for good reason. Filing your taxes can be confusing, but, with the help of a tax professional, it doesn’t have to be. In addition to contacting a certified tax professional, review the following information.

How to File
Many people elect to file their tax returns electronically. This can be done in a variety of ways, including using tax-preparation software, consulting a tax return professional or using the IRS’ Free File software, if you qualify.

Forms to Include
If you are filing with a paper form, there are certain documents you must be sure to include. Required forms include the following:

  • A copy of your W-2 for each of your employers over the last calendar year
  • A copy of Form W-2C (a corrected W-2 form), if received from your employer
  • A copy of Forms W-2G and 1099-R, if federal income tax was withheld

Next Steps
Remember, tax filing doesn’t have to be stressful. Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing. For more information on how to file, what forms to include, credits you qualify for or any other filing-related questions, please visit the IRS’ Interactive Tax Assistant tool.

March Milestone Anniversaries

The following employees will hit a “milestone” anniversary in March of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years of service. Please congratulate everyone listed below when you see them at Carter!

3 Years – Melissa Christensen, Keven Barnes, Donald Trolinger, Gerardo Gutierrez, Stefan Harrison, Matthew Joiner, Nehme Elghoul, Brandon Prosise, Jason Latou
5 Years – Jay Rollins, Gerald Bell, Danny Gregory, Michael Marion, Timothy Nichols, Michael Bright, Stacy Lewis, Gary Holt
15 Years – Lisa Tomlinson, Daniel Wilson, Jim Musick


WELCOME! February New Hires

We had 38 new employees join Carter in February. Please help us welcome them to the Carter Family!

Anderson: Kristin Delong, Ronald Coleman, Dustin Martin, Thomas Miller
Anderson Drivers: Yolanda Aguilar, Olivia Alfarano, Jacob Ashby, Tial Cung, Monday George, Jonathan Smith, Stephen Sviatko, Temesgen Tesfay
Paragould Drivers: Johnathan Counce, Luke Roe
Laredo: Maisie Villarreal
Laredo Drivers: Vincent Cirrincione, Guadalupe Galindo Jr., Griselda Garcia, Salomon Martinez, Osvaldo Ortiz, Lazaro Parra, Ernesto Guzman, Anthony Rivera, Matthew Roberts, Sue Roberts, Pamela Robertson, Edward Rodriguez, Raul Serrato
Romulus Drivers: Duane Greathouse
Knoxville: Christopher Carroll, Eugene Marino
Knoxville Driver: Jamie Creekmore, Jason Huckeby, John Rose, William Schaeffer
Vandalia: Jeremy Hart
Vandalia Drivers: Shawn Creyts

Thank you for choosing to join the Carter team. We are happy you are here.

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February Quarterly Profit Sharing Meeting