Carter Express

We had such a great year in 2019 at Carter Express, and we’ve started 2020 with some exciting news:  More Volvo VNL trucks have come in! Our Director of Maintenance, Jerry, is excited to share some features of the new Volvo VNL Series tractors we’ll be getting in.

First, the dashboard on the VNL has been optimized to reduce distraction by displaying vehicle diagnostics. Critical information drivers need is available at a quick glance. Plus, Volvo has grouped frequently used controls within easy reach.

We know that getting proper rest is vital for feeling your best all day. The VNL sleeper area was designed to offer drivers a calm, restful space for their hours off the road. The VNL lineup now includes a full 70″ sleeper option, providing an efficient yet spacious living area.

Nothing is more important than our drivers’ safety on the road. The new tractors will have Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST). By continually monitoring operating parameters, VEST detects imminent loss of control, jackknife, or rollover events. The system automatically reduces engine torque and selectively applies braking to help the driver keep the truck on course.

Another highlight is the Volvo Active Driver Assist, which is in constant operation while the vehicle is in motion, providing stationary object detection with vehicle braking. This system sends audible and visual warnings if a non-moving, metallic object is detected in front of the truck. Braking assist will be applied—at speeds greater than 15 mph—when the system recognizes the stationary object as a vehicle, independent of whether cruise control is engaged.

The driver will receive a warning up to 3.5 seconds before an imminent impact with the stationary vehicle, and if the driver takes no action, Volvo Active Driver Assist will automatically engage the brakes.

Being alert and using caution is key to safety, but Volvo is adding technology to help drivers even more with its enhanced forward collision warning. A red warning light flashes in the windshield to alert the driver if the vehicle sensors detect slower or stationary objects ahead; if the driver is slow to respond, the system can automatically apply emergency braking to help avoid a collision. The Volvo VNLs also feature lane departure warnings. This safety system uses a windshield-mounted camera to track road markings. If the truck begins to drift, audio and visual alerts warn the driver to take corrective action.

So many excellent features for making drivers more comfortable and keeping drivers safe on the road! We’re excited to see the new rolling in and rolling out.