Governor Eric Holcomb announced a $1 billion infrastructure plan this week that will be funded by a 35% increase in toll rates for heavy vehicles on the Indiana Toll Road. If you drive a four-wheel vehicle, you won’t see an increase when you drive on the toll road. However, you will see this increase when you go to the supermarket, the big box store or a car dealership. Trucks are responsible for delivering everything you have in your home. A billion dollar increase in rates to the trucking industry will directly increase the costs of goods. Not only is this an unfair increase on truckers, but a portion of the money raised is going to non-road projects. This is a bad deal for the state long-term and bad policy for Indiana’s economy and future economic development.

Here is what you need to know about the Governor’s new plan:

  • Majority of the funding will be spent on connecting I-69 to Indianapolis ($600 million).
  • A portion of the money collected is being diverted to non-road uses. (International flights,  broadband, and trails)
  • Only $50 million will be spent on upgrades to the Indiana Toll Road.
  • This toll increase unfairly targets one industry, which already saw the diesel fuel tax rise by 81% in 2017.
  • The toll increase is a veiled supplier tax that will be passed onto customers and ultimately to citizens.
  • This dramatic toll increase will impact the cost of doing business in Indiana.
  • The toll increase will cause truck diversion on county highways and country roads.