Why Veterans Should Consider a Truck Driving Career

You might have heard of a retired military veteran taking on a truck-driving career. Veterans make great candidates for truck driving for a number of reasons. You will be surprised to find out how many skills learned in the military, in many different branches and roles, can be applied to a truck driving career. If you are a veteran with a successful military career, you most likely already have what it takes to become a commercial truck driver.

Job Environment

The job itself offers autonomy and solitary time as well as the backing of your carrier and a large community of drivers, who are a fiercely loyal group. A truck-driving career can be a very lucrative career and offers a lot of freedom to decide how much you want to drive, and in turn, how much you want to earn.


Truck drivers must understand and follow strict government safety regulations and company policies ranging from mandatory rest periods to defensive driving procedures. Taking these seriously is key to having a long and profitable driving career. Through intensive training and experience in the field, most veterans already have the general skills that trucking companies are looking for such as situational awareness, dependability, leadership, management, and teamwork. Specific driving skills will come through CDL training and driver orientation and won’t be a problem for disciplined, dedicated military veterans.

Financial Assistance Benefits

You might be eligible to receive financial assistance through GI Bill programs to help you pay for further driving education, CDL training, and other expenses.

Skills Test Waiver

If you have a significant experience of military driving, you might be eligible for the skills test waiver. If you have a CDL from your time in the military, you may start your driving career with a higher pay rate.

Job Security

Truck driving career offers great job security. With the national truck driver shortage, your talents are much needed! With a steady income, company benefits, and retirement options, a truck-driving job makes a nice option for retired veterans for a career transition.

With the rising demand for freight to be moved, the trucking industry is in a constant need for quality drivers. With the skill sets and work ethic that many veterans already have along with veteran benefits they can receive, a truck-driving career is an excellent choice for military veterans looking to start on a new career path.

At Carter Express, we wholeheartedly welcome military veterans, and we are here with resources to support you through the time of transition. Learn more here.