There are a lot of great reasons why truck drivers love what they do. It’s a lot more than simply driving goods from point A to point B. Trucking offers drivers so much, from great pay and benefits to the satisfaction of a job well done. If you want to know more about the perks of being a truck driver, read on!

1. Tuition reimbursement

One of the things that often holds someone back from trying something new is the cost or other barriers to entry. Some trucking companies have programs set up to help you pay for your CDL school tuition. We’re proud of our student driver program here at Carter. If you get your CDL training at one of our certified partner schools, we can sponsor you – which means we cover 100 percent of your tuition costs or get you set up with our tuition reimbursement program. Once you’ve obtained your CDL, you’ll go through our 6-week paid training program. No previous experience is necessary!

2. On the job training

When you’re a new truck driver, many companies will set you up with a driver trainer. This means that you’ll be spending a few weeks out on the road with your trainer before you start driving solo. This on-the-job training is such a valuable piece of your career. You’ll get to see firsthand the ins and outs of driving. Many trainers say that they remain available to their trainees for questions even after they’ve completed their training. At Carter, our trainees spend one week at the driving range, two weeks with a local trainer and two weeks with an over-the-road trainer. This is where you’ll learn safe driving habits, backing skills, how to complete paperwork correctly, and get to experience what life is like on the road.

3. Flexible schedule

The trucking industry has changed over the years as the needs and wants of our drivers have changed. While there are still trucking companies that will send drivers out for weeks at a time, you have a lot more options when it comes to home time. Many companies, including Carter, offer regional routes. You’ll get home more often as a regional driver. We guarantee every regional driver two days at home per week. However, because of how our routes are set up, it’s also possible you might get home once or twice during your 5-day work week as well. Additionally, our dispatchers understand that things come up or there are instances where you need to be home. We do our best to ensure you’re able to be home when you need to.

4. Job security

There’s a significant driver shortage along with growing freight needs around the country. This means that truck drivers are in high demand. If you’re not a truck driver already, now is a great time to join the industry.

5. Steady pay

If your wheels are moving, you’re making money. The national average salary of a trucker is over $65,000 per year, but you can make more depending on the company you work for, your route and experience level. Choose a company with a mileage or weekly guarantee and you’ll have peace of mind knowing what you’re bringing home ever week. Here at Carter, for instance, our regional drivers get a weekly minimum pay and our team drivers have a mileage minimum of 5,000 miles per week.

6. Bonus pay

In addition to your regular pay, truck drivers often get bonus pay opportunities! These are a great way to increase your annual income. Some of these bonuses include sign-on and referral bonuses, and bonuses for meeting safety, fuel, and idling goals. At Carter, our regional truck drivers receive a $3,600 sign on bonus paid out in increments over the first six months and teams can receive a $7,500 sign on bonus.

7. Benefits

Due to the driver shortage in the U.S., many companies have really increased their benefits offerings for drivers. Not only can you get access to low-cost health insurance, but you’re also likely to get paid vacation and sick days, life and disability insurance and retirement financial planning. Some companies also have wellness programs which allow drivers to prioritize their physical and mental health. Our wellness program at Carter gives our drivers access to doctors 24/7 via phone and video, a free prescription drug program and the ability to save money on current prescriptions.

8. Travel the country

Many drivers will tell you that their primary reason for becoming a trucker is because they love to travel. Trucking is a unique career for several reasons including the fact that it can take you all over the United States and sometimes even into Canada or Mexico. It’s a great way to see parts of the country you’ve always wanted to visit and get paid to do it too.

9. Make a difference

Trucking is one of the most important jobs around. You are responsible for making sure necessities including food, clothing, medicine, etc. arrive to their designations safely and on time. Truck drivers are basically the glue that keeps everything else moving. You should be proud to call yourself a truck driver and for the important work you do.

10. Independence

A trucking career is perfect for those who don’t want the typical 9-5 job. There’s no one constantly looking over your shoulder. Listen to your favorite music or podcast. Start and end your day on your terms. Trucking gives you this freedom and independence that’s unmatched in any other career.

Are you ready to have some of these perks yourself? Then we invite you to become a truck driver with Carter! Reach out to one of our recruiters today to learn more!

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