On June 8, 2019, Carter Express was able to send our first ever TEAM of drivers to compete in The Indiana Motor Truck Association Truck Driving & Technician Championship held at Lincoln College of Technology in Indianapolis, Indiana. The IMTA Truck Driving & Technician Championship is an exhibition of skill, professionalism, and safe handling/maintenance of a commercial motor vehicle under competitive conditions. The championships were developed to promote safety on the highways of our state and nation.

Involvement in the Truck Driving & Technician Championships can be beneficial to participating companies in many ways. Driver and technician participation greatly enhances safety promotion among fleets, builds camaraderie among the teams, and improves employee morale and loyalty. Winning competitors will go on to compete at TMC SuperTech Competition or the National Truck Driving Championships. National Truck Driving Championships, require drivers to have been completely accident-free for a year before the competition, counting accidents that were not the driver’s fault.

The Truck Driving & Technician Championship course consists of six problems that require intricate and precise maneuvers in driving a truck through the course. The problems are designed to simulate conditions encountered in actual truck operations on the streets and highways. We want to thank our team members: Tokeyna Shelton, Carrie Coots, Randy Harlan and Andrew Ross for representing Carter this year! Fun Fact: We were the only team that had female drivers competing in the 5-axle Sleeper Series!

We would also like to thank our volunteers who were out to support our competitors as well as represent Carter: Don Talley, Scott Dolan, Tom Gosler, Nichole Marshall, and Jason Miller.[/vc_column_text]