Working as a trucking professional is a hard job, but choosing the right company to work with can certainly make things a lot easier. We’ve put together a list of what we call “pain points” or common issues we often hear from drivers in the industry. It’s always been important to us here at Carter Express to prioritize our drivers, listen to their needs and do what we can to alleviate these concerns. How we deal with each of these common pain points are just one of the ways we bring drivers a unique and supportive career experience:


Pain point 1: Lack of job stability

A common complaint we hear from drivers is about the inconsistencies of keeping their trucks full and moving. Every time you’re stuck waiting for a load is a missed opportunity to grow your income. Carter Logistics is proud to have a huge network of North American clients, which allows us to offer unique whole supply chain solutions and provides stability and longevity in any economic environment. At Carter Express, our drivers benefit from having more dependable routes, miles, and income than other independent or company drivers.

Pain point 2: Low pay

Pay has always been a top priority for drivers. After all, you work hard at your job and deserve to be compensated for what you do. Many drivers struggle to find a job where they feel like they’re bringing home a decent income. Carter recognizes the importance of offering drivers a competitive pay program. Our compensation program includes a number of extras, including several bonus categories, employee appreciation events, $1,000 raffles to celebrate safety success, and more.

Pain point 3: Feeling undervalued

When you feel undervalued at work, it can take a toll on your morale and make your job less enjoyable. One thing we often hear from drivers is that they’re tired of feeling like they’re just a truck number to the carriers they drive for. We do things differently at Carter. Everyone at our company, from every level, understands how valuable our drivers are. We do everything possible to support them and their careers. A few ways that we continually put our drivers and their families first include our annual family picnics and awards banquets and community outreach programs.

Pain point 4: Not enough home time

Home time is just as valuable as pay when it comes to driver benefits. When you work for a company that keeps you out for extended periods, it can quickly take a toll on your life at home. As a Carter Express driver, you can be home as frequently as nightly, but our goal for regional drivers is to have you home two days each week. Our system is designed to cater to drivers who live within 1-40 miles of their home terminal. This enables us to have better communication with each driver and get them home more often.

Pain point 5: Poor equipment and frequent breakdowns

When it comes to equipment, having the latest technology at your fingertips and a truck that’s in good condition is extremely important for safety. Not only that, but a newer truck that receives frequent maintenance checks and tune-ups will consistently keep you moving. If you’re driving older equipment or something that’s not in great condition, you run the risk of frequent breakdowns and limiting your income. It’s easy to spot a Carter truck on the road. We invest in high-quality Volvos and Freightliners and keep them in tip-top shape.

Pain point 6: High start-up costs

One of the scariest things about starting a new career is what it can cost you upfront. At first glance, driving school and CDL-A certification can seem expensive and intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. At Carter, we offer a unique CDL truck driver training program to help qualified applicants earn their CDL. We partner with certified driving schools and can sponsor our students and trainees to cover or reimburse tuition costs. Once our trainees have earned their CDL-A, we also have a 6-week paid training program to help prepare you for your new career. Don’t let the initial cost keep you from embarking on a rewarding driving career.

Pain point 7: Feeling misunderstood/unseen by management

A lot of times, drivers feel like they go through the motions of their job but never really have a say in how everything works. Maybe you feel overlooked, disregarded or ignored. Driver advocacy is important to us at Carter Express. Our Driver Relations team is always readily available to chat with drivers about the issues that may come up on the job. This team gives drivers a voice at Carter. They’ll help you address concerns, troubleshoot issues, and will advocate on your behalf. They also ensure that our internal team is aware of what’s going on in your world so that we can do what we can to better serve you.

What other pain points have you come across in the trucking industry? If you’re interested in learning more about what Carter can offer you, feel free to connect with us. We’d be happy to chat about the future or your driving career.