Carter Express Driver Relations

Truck driving often feels like a lonely profession. After all, you spend the majority of the time alone in the cab of your truck. In a time where drivers may be feeling more isolated than ever on the road, we want to emphasize that we’re here for you. Our Driver Relations department is an additional way Carter helps support drivers every day! The department was created to decrease driver turnover and acts as an advocate, giving a voice to drivers for concerns or ideas they have about the job. Interested in learning more? We’re glad you asked. We sat down with Shonda Claborn, driver relations manager, to share everything you need to know about our Driver Relations department:

Who are we?

Shonda Claborn and Erica Hauser make up the rock star team that is our Driver Relations department.

What do we do?

As the administrative assistant, Erica processes driver bonuses, help with driver outreach and onboarding, and handles most of our driver data. Shonda, our driver relations manager, works directly with our executive team to enhance the driver experience and create the best practices and working environment for drivers. She also manages our driver awards programs. Both of them also work with other departments at Carter to problem solve any driver’s concerns or ideas for improvement.

How do we support Carter drivers?

We work alongside drivers as an advocate to help drivers succeed at Carter. We’re a one-stop-shop that drivers can utilize whenever they have concerns or suggestions for how we can improve things as a company. This way, drivers can get back to what they love – keeping their trucks moving and making money – while we do the work behind the scenes for them.

Why should drivers utilize Carter’s Driver Relations department?

Our Driver Relations team is one of the best tools a driver could have in their pocket. We’re here to be a reliable resource and save you valuable time from not having to chase down managers from different departments to get a problem resolved. We’ll communicate on your behalf with the management team and other departments and get back to you with the necessary feedback or resolution. Our department also allows drivers to remain anonymous if they choose to provide unbiased results.

What types of concerns or issues do drivers usually need help with?

Some of the most common requests include route concerns or personal issues affecting work and home life balance. Our drivers are also sharing with us what they’d like to see regarding pay and benefits, as well as what other drivers are receiving from their companies. We’re able to take this information to our Executive Team to help us stay competitive in these areas.

How does it all work?

Working with the Driver Relations department is easy – all you need to do is start the conversation. We can’t know what you need help with unless you tell us. Just by starting the conversation, we’re able to understand your concern or what ideas you have to help our entire fleet, start the discussion and work through it together. We care about each and every driver’s success and want to help give you a voice.

What do drivers think about Driver Relations?

Carter drivers have a lot of great things to say about our department. We’re proud to have drivers who are very loyal and dedicated to Carter Express. One of our biggest perks is our excellent home time. What Carter offers in terms of quality of life with home time is priceless. We’ve been told many times that Carter feels like home, whether a driver is landing here for the first time or coming back after some time away.

How does Carter stay connected with drivers and help foster those relationships?

We’re always working on ways we can improve on growing relationships with our drivers. One way is our open-door policy, which allows drivers to be back in the dispatch area. This helps develop that personal relationship with the people our drivers are working with on a daily basis. We’re also really excited about our “Carter PRIDE Challenge Coin Program”. PRIDE stands for “Personal Responsibility in Driving Excellence”. Employees can nominate one another for going above and beyond and delivering excellence in their jobs. This recognition comes with a coin – similar to military challenge coins. Our staff is loving this program. Everyone is out there staying engaged and rewarding each other for their hard work.

At Carter Express, we’ve always been committed to coming alongside our drivers in any way we can to support, encourage, and to let them know that we’ve got their back. Our Driver Relations department is a huge part of that, and we’re thankful for the work they’re doing for our drivers.

If you’re not a Carter driver yet but would like more information about joining our family or about our Driver Relations department, connect with us today at 800-738-7705 x1270.