We’re proud of our drivers here at Carter Express. Their hard work and dedication impress us every day so we wanted to take time to celebrate some of the drivers that make Carter Express the special carrier that it is. So, we caught up with two seasoned drivers to learn more about their stories and why they chose Carter.

 Marsha Dillow

 Marsha Dillow attended her first driver orientation 16 years ago. Her father had been a truck driver in the 1970s and, growing up around trucks, she knew she wanted to get behind the wheel one day. At her first driver orientation, Marsha not only started a career that would last her the next 16 years (and counting!), but she also met her husband, Tracy Dillow. They’ve been team drivers ever since.

In October 2021, the couple began driving for Carter Express and are based out of Washington Courthouse, Ohio, which is about 62 miles from the Carter Express Vandalia, Ohio, terminal.

Vandalia terminal and, every day, talk with someone, see someone,” she said.

The couple runs routes from Vandalia to San Antonio twice a week and are home every weekend – something that Marsha doesn’t take for granted.

“It’s very difficult for teams to be home on a weekly basis. At Carter, we really love having our weekends home,” Marsha said. “We know our routes and where we’re going to be each week and I love that routine. Being able to touch home once a week, that is my biggest thing.”

Marsha’s passion for Carter keeps her active on our social media. She feels it is “a way for us to voice our opinion and be heard.”

As a woman in the historically male-dominated field of truck driving, Marsha appreciates Carter’s belief that women also belong in the driver’s seat. She also appreciates Carter’s prime safety record, and the weigh station bypasses it affords her while on the road.

“Carter has a great safety record. I love driving past those scales and not having to get pulled in!” she said.

All these things combined – the generous home time, dedication to supporting female drivers, and safety record – are all reasons Marsha is more than happy to stay behind a Carter Express wheel.

“I do see myself having a long career here,” she said. “I’m very happy at Carter, I have no intention of leaving.”

Scott Merritt

Scott Merritt has been driving with Carter Express for eight years. At the start of his career, he and his wife attended an event where Carter’s CEO gave a speech. All these years later, he still remembers how the speech showed appreciation for the spouses of professional truck drivers and the time away from home that’s included in the job. Since then, he’s felt that Carter puts their drivers first.

“I’ve never had a problem with getting home when I need to,” he said. “At a lot of companies, you’re just a number, and that’s not the way it is here.”

Scott feels that he’s cared for as a Carter driver and, when bringing other drivers over to Carter, has emphasized the lack of forced dispatch.

“You don’t have forced dispatch, nobody gets upset if you start to feel unsafe on the road and need to take a break,” he said.

When Scott is out on the road, he said that he never feels alone.

“The dispatchers are wonderful. You can get a hold of all of them 24/7,” he said. “Knowing I’m not on the road by myself is a huge comfort. Carter has your back pretty much no matter what, they want to constantly improve and be better for their drivers.”

From the top-down appreciation for their drivers’ hard work, dedicated support, and positive team culture, he feels like his career with Carter will be a long one.

“If anyone is looking for a career to retire from, this is a great place,” he said. “I’m hoping to retire from here … for me and my family, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s a great way to support your family. If I had found Carter when I first started driving, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.”

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