The International CVSA Roadcheck is right around the corner. Are you ready for it? The 3-day annual inspection event will take place May 4-6 this year.

What is the CVSA Roadcheck?

The International Roadcheck is an event where CVSA-certified inspectors conduct commercial motor vehicle and driver inspections throughout North America. This year’s 72-hour inspection blitz will focus on hours of service and lighting.

What should I expect?

Although the focus for this year will be on drivers’ hours of service and lighting, inspectors will conduct the North American Standard Level 1 Inspection. This is a 37-step process that examines driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Some of these areas include: Brakes, coupling devices, lighting, securement of cargo, steering, suspension, fuel and exhaust systems, frames, and open-top trailers, tires, wheels, rims, and hubs. The inspection will also look at drivers’ operating credentials, hours-of-service documentation, seat belt usage, and alcohol or drug impairment.

How do I prepare?

As you’re getting ready for the CVSA Roadcheck, you’ll want to make sure you have all your ELD documentation ready to go. You’ll also need your commercial driver’s license, medical certificate and any waivers, daily vehicle inspection report, skill performance evaluation certificate, record of duty status and all paperwork related to your load. Since they’ll also be checking for seat belt usage, apparent alcohol/drug possession or driver impairment, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, feel well enough to operate your truck and are wearing your seatbelt at all times.

We also recommend conducting a full inspection yourself ahead to time to ensure you’re not in violation in any areas. Clean your truck and neaten up the inside – a dirty or messy truck is likely to get more attention and a more intensive inspection.

Give yourself extra time for any delays that might be caused if your truck gets inspected. Plan to keep your cool and remain professional, even if you get frustrated. A professional manner makes everything go more quickly while being uncooperative will prolong your inspection and possibly lead to fines. If you need help, contact your driver manager for assistance. Remember – these inspectors are just doing their job and are working hard to ensure everyone stays safe.

During last year’s inspection blitz, 22.2% of vehicles and 5.3% of drivers were placed out of service for violations. Ensure you’re able to stay on the road by being prepared for the 2021 CVSA Roadcheck.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Safety Department at X1970