Wilkinson, IN – Darin Pope, a professional driver with Carter Express, made an unexpected stop that potentially saved a life.

Just as the sun was setting in Wilkinson, Darin, was on the last leg of his route when he noticed something white and puffy laying on the side of State Road 109.  Slowing down, he noticed that what he thought was normal debris was an elderly lady who had fallen.  After calling for help, Darin sat with the woman who said she was walking to her daughter’s house.

Officers arrived on the scene and asked for Darin’s assistance in blocking traffic with his tractor-trailer while paramedics attended to the women.  Without a second thought, Darin began to knock on doors of the homes in the area to see if he could locate anyone who may know the woman.  “It really bothered me that no one else had stopped. When I saw her, not pulling over wasn’t an option.  I had to check on her,” Darin said.

Paramedics stated that the lady was suffering from dementia and estimated that she had been outside in the elements for six hours.  In the end, officers were able to locate her residence, and safely got her home.

Darin continued and finished his route leaving us knowing that some heroes wear capes, and some drive big red trucks.

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