Safety is one of the most crucial aspects of truck driving, not only for the drivers themselves, but also for everyone else on the road. Julius Caesar is quoted as saying, “Experience is the teacher of all things.” One of the best ways to learn is through your experience and the experiences of others. So we decided to ask truck drivers what they do to stay safe on the road. Take a look at the top 5 responses:

Donald R. Isaacs Sr. says, “Safe following distance and checking mirrors in order to know what is going on around me.” Making sure that you are always aware of your surroundings is very important to avoid accidents or potential issues. Great advice.

Charles Hopkins suggests, “Always pretend the car in front of you is being driven by your mother and the car behind you is a state trooper.” This is a great way to help control speed and composure. There would likely be less speeding and road rage if everyone drove like their mom was in front of them and an officer was following them. 

Sean Warren Tolbert recommends, “Lights on for safety.” This is a fantastic suggestion, not just for nighttime driving. Having your lights on obviously helps you see, but also helps other drivers see you.

Anthony Gonsalves answered, “The smith system. I use it every day, it works.” The Smith System helps keep drivers safe on the road by following these 5 steps: aim high, the big picture, keep your eyes moving, leave yourself an out, and make sure they see you. For more information on the Smith System read here:

David Mitchell Forrest Sharpe responded, “Plan ahead enough for possible weather / road issues so that you’re not inclined to speed to try and make it up; Proper Planning Prevents Problems.” Even though you can never foresee all the issues that might come up, planning ahead will help you have a deal with things when they go wrong or something comes up.

Wishing you safe and happy driving!