We’re proud of our family-oriented atmosphere and our focus on drivers and their families. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many drivers and their family members have chosen Carter for their careers. With Father’s Day in June, we wanted to celebrate some of the fathers and sons who work together here at Carter. We caught up with two of our father-son driving teams to learn a little bit about what lead them to team up together:

Jim and Josh Masters

Jim Masters, who drives with his son Josh, has been a driver for as long as he can remember. He started his career back in 1980.

“Driving is just something I’ve always done,” he says. “My uncle owned a construction business and I just started driving dump trucks as soon as I was old enough.”

Five years ago, Jim was looking for something new. His son was already working here at Carter, so Jim decided to give us a try too. Three months ago, the father and son became team drivers together.

“You get more money as a team and that’s nice, but really it’s because we like spending time together,” Jim explains. “We laugh a lot, always have. It’s just really nice having him around while we’re out here working.”

Clint and Nathan Walker

Father and son duo: Clint and Nathan Walker, have been driving together for eight years. Nathan started his career in 2011 and has always driven as part of a team.

“I didn’t have any experience when I started, so it made sense to me to team up with someone who had been driving for a while. It made a big difference for me,” says Nathan. “Now that I’ve been driving team for so long and have gotten used to my truck moving all the time, I don’t know that I could ever drive solo.”

It was Nathan who became a Carter driver first. Clint spent years working as a mechanic, but the physical work was wearing on him. Nathan threw out the idea of teaming up together.

“My dad had driven a little bit with my mom back in the 1980s,” explains Nathan. “He was needing a change from being a mechanic and I was ready for a new partner. Driving together felt like the natural thing to do.”

Clint, like many of our team drivers, believe that the key to a successful team driver relationship is trust.

“When you are in that bunk, you’re putting your life in the hands of someone else. You just got to trust them,” he says. “This is why teaming up with family can be a really good idea.”

Our family-oriented atmosphere and weekly home times are two of the things Clint and Nathan enjoy the most about working for us. Nathan is a father to three young children and Clint has a total of five grandchildren. They use their home time to spend time together as a family. Nathan says that he and his dad have always been close. It also helps that the two of them have homes on opposite ends of the same 30-acre piece of land.

“My family inspires me to get out there, do the right thing and make a living for them,” Clint adds.

Nathan agrees.

“Being able to provide for my kids is a huge part of why I do this,” he adds. “Carter works with me to make sure I can get home to my kids. That family time is so important.”

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