Starting a new adventure is an exciting time, but it can also be nerve-racking when you don’t know what to expect. While the unknown can be intimidating, we promise you that a career at Carter can be incredibly rewarding. And you don’t just have to take our word for it! We asked two of our newer drivers to share more about what drivers can really expect during their first year at Carter:

The Driver Job Search

“I checked out a lot of companies at the beginning, but Carter seemed like the best one to go through,” says Bill Runyan, who has been a Carter driver for two years. “What I found was that they’re really hands on during the training process so you learn everything you need to get started.”

Christy Jones, who just finished up her first year of driving in July, agrees. “Carter promotes safety first and foremost. The training is great and they give you a good solid knowledge of safety, teach you when to slow down and take your time, how to check over your truck, and all the information you need to get out there and do your job.”

One of Bill’s goals for his first year of driving was to feel comfortable behind the wheel of his truck.

“Honestly, I went to driving school first and it was nothing compared to my training experience at Carter,” he explains. “It only took me 2-3 weeks at Carter and it felt like I’d been doing this for a long time. I can still call my trainers to ask questions.”

“My first winter was early on in my career, so my biggest goal was to not end up in a ditch,” Christy laughs. “I have a hard time even driving my personal vehicle in the wintertime. Carter’s training really helps you feel confident in your skills as a driver.”

The Carter Difference

Our drivers often speak highly about our company open door policy.

“Everyone is friendly and I can even walk right into the CEO’s office,” says Bill. “They’re all invested in your success. If you have problems, you can go to them and they’ll help you solve issues. They’ll even take you out and help you practice skills if you feel like you need it. Everyone is out to help each other.”

Christy’s experience has been similar.

“Carter really does care about their drivers,” she says. “I hear drivers from other companies complain about their driver managers and how you’re just a number. With Carter, you’re definitely a person. They care about your family, what you have going on, and they pay really well too.”

Solo drivers at Carter average $1,250 a week while team drivers average $3,400 a week. There are also opportunities for safety and fuel bonuses as well as paid vacation and holidays. Other benefits include health, dental, vision and life insurance policies and free Teladoc medical care.

Home Time at Carter

“The home time is consistent,” adds Christy. “I have kids at home and the youngest is 14, so it’s important to me to work for a company that not only has a great home time policy but follows through with it, too.”

Christy is currently on one of our dedicated routes. This is a great accomplishment and always a great goal for our newer drivers. Her husband plans to join her on the road in the future. When he does, they’ll be OTR team drivers. Bill has been on dedicated routes before, but he currently utilizes our open board. This allows him to take dispatches that work with his schedule and financial goals.

Advice for Future Drivers

So, what advice do Christy and Bill have for incoming Carter drivers?

“Expect the unexpected,” says Christy. “No matter how much you think you have your skills down, truck driving is constantly changing. Don’t panic and trust in your training.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” advises Bill. “Take the job seriously but allow yourself to enjoy it.”

When not on the road, Christy spends time at her home in Middleton, Ind., with her husband and kids. Her previous career was in landscaping, so she still enjoys growing flowers and doing work around her yard. Bill, who lives in Marion, Ind., spends his home time with his wife, riding motorcycles and visiting with friends.

Want to know more about becoming a driver for Carter Express? Connect with us – we’d be happy to chat with you!