Truck drivers have tons of behind-the-wheel listening time. While you may have a solid rotation of playlists, audio books, or podcasts already on board, there may be room for something new. Here are some of our 2022 podcast recommendations for truck drivers:

The Lead Pedal Podcast

With over 700 episodes made specifically for truck drivers, The Lead Pedal Podcast with Bruce Outridge is a cult classic. Hosts speak with truck drivers and industry experts about everything from being in trucking school to doing your taxes. The aim of the podcast, according to Outridge, is to help CDL-A truck drivers like you improve your career.

Driver Stories

While this is a rookie podcast, launched in 2021, Driver Stories has the relatable trucking content you’re looking for. Industry leader Pam Spaccarotella speaks with real truck drivers from around the country to discuss life on the road. There are episodes on spending holidays on the road, driving as a team, being a female truck driver and a whole lot more.

Talk CDL Trucking Podcast

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to stay up to date on industry news and trucking laws, you’ll find it with the Talk CDL Trucking Podcast. Hosts speak to truckers, callers, and experts to give advice on which carriers to avoid, discuss the future of automated trucking or list the worst positions to drive in.

This American Life

This may seem random, but NPR’s This American Life is a treasure trove of insightful, devastating, heartwarming and hilarious stories from people all over the country, spanning a wide range of topics. While it’s not trucking-specific, there are enough episodes to have you covered for every OTR run this year.

Truck N’ Hustle

Truck N’ Hustle is the number one trucking business and culture podcast for a reason. Industry enthusiast Rahmel Wattley speaks with guests (often drivers or big wigs in the transportation and logistics industry) about their troubles and triumphs. Listen to get tips on growing a CDL-A truck driving business or making money on the road.

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