At Carter Express, we are committed to equipping our drivers with the best tools possible. Volvo, a brand name synonymous with safety, has always been prevalent at Carter Express and now adds another addition to our fleet: the Volvo VNL 760. When making an investment in Volvo VNL 760, we knew that our drivers will be benefiting from this long-haul sleeper’s level of quality and reliability they deserve.

Boasted as a truck that is a premium for comfort and amenities, the VNL 760 has all the bells and whistles a driver could ask for. Featuring a 70″ sleeper cab, each and every driver will be able to have their own space on the road, which is particularly good for longer-hauls. A newly developed exterior provides improvements in efficiency. The VNL series of Volvo trucks has been designed and created with the driver in mind, which benefits the customer as well. Through these trucks, we will now be able to provide a better experience and home on the road for our drivers in three distinct ways.

Safety – Leading the industry in driver visibility, Volvo is taking safety to all new heights in the new VNL series models. From increased controls to collision avoidance technology, they have increased ways for drivers to remain safe on the road.

Comfort – When needing to travel long distances, it is important that our drivers have the space and comfort they need and desire. Having a spacious cab and adjustable seating with increased control will give our drivers the ability to own their space. We look forward to providing our drivers with enhanced physical comfort with this new investment.

Efficiency – This truck was built with a redesigned exterior for improved airflow, as well as LED lighting for increased visibility. Due to developments in design and engine quality, the VNL series has shown an increase in fuel efficiency. This allows our drivers to travel longer distances with fewer stops for gas, which ultimately saves money and time.

We are happy to work with a company like Volvo that continues to demonstrate how it puts drivers and customers first. The addition of Volvo’s VNL 760 trucks to our fleet will improve the quality of our drivers’ experience and help us continue to offer the fastest, most efficient service in the Logistics Industry.