In a significant stride toward a more sustainable future for trucking, Carter Express has teamed up with Nestlé, the food and beverage giant, to launch an innovative green supply chain project. On Sept. 5, two electric trucks provided by Carter were put into operation at Nestlé’s production plant in Anderson, Ind, supporting their 2019 initiative to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as reported by Transport Topics.

“Carter sought the grant to advance green initiatives in alignment with our parent company’s and customer’s objectives while maintaining economic viability,” said Jessica Paugh Warnke, Carter Express president & CEO.

A $600,000 grant awarded by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management covers a substantial portion of the project’s costs. It falls under the DieselWise initiative, which has been instrumental in reducing emissions from diesel-powered vehicles for over two decades. Carter Express contributed the remaining 25% of the funds.

The Anderson beverage production plant where the trucks will operate is Nestlé’s largest facility in the United States and a crucial distribution center, employing over 800 people. Carter Express plays a crucial role in shipping procedures at Nestlé, and this initiative will only strengthen our partnership by supporting Nestlé in reaching its sustainability goals. During the entire lifespan of the two trucks, around 1,200 tons of carbon emissions will be avoided.

The trucks will be on-site for spotting and other yard management operations. The trucks are equipped with fast off-board chargers, meaning that batteries can be replenished during driver’s breaks, keeping the trucks running around the clock and increasing the production facility’s overall efficiency.

As companies like Nestlé and Carter Express take steps to reduce their carbon footprints and transition to cleaner transportation solutions, we are moving one step closer to achieving a greener and more environmentally friendly supply chain.

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