At Carter Express, your personal and professional growth can almost be endless. We want our drivers and staff to get better and better each day, so we encourage them to pursue their professional goals or pick up a new hobby while on the road. Here’s some ideas for improving your skills or exploring new interests every day.

Career Growth

Supporting those individuals who want to start or advance their CDL-A truck driving careers is a priority at Carter Express. Here are some surefire ways to step up your career behind the wheel.


Participating in education and additional training courses after you’ve earned your CDL-A is a great way to grow your career as a truck driver. At Carter Express, we offer our drivers a six-week long, paid training program that provides them with invaluable insight and information in the industry. Once you get settled into your career here, we also offer ongoing driver safety trainings to give you access to valuable information!

Gain experience

One of the best things you can do for your truck driving career is to gain experience behind the wheel. There are some parts of this career that you will only learn through on-the-job experience. Seasoned CDL-A drivers always have ample advice to give to new drivers – this is because they’ve learned a lot from years in the drivers’ seat! To help you get acquainted with the industry quickly, Carter Express sends out an e-newsletter to keep our drivers in-the-loop on industry news, recent developments, and best practices.  We also continuously prepare and present safety trainings.

Gaining experience is an opportunity for growth that takes commitment and time. In the long run, logging consistent hours and becoming familiar with the industry will help you thrive professionally!

Mechanic opportunities

If you’re thinking about how to start a career in trucking or transportation, explore the opportunities for diesel mechanics. As a diesel mechanic, you’ll learn more about the industry and get your foot in the door with a good carrier. Carter Express offers our selective diesel mechanic opportunities with competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, great company culture, and the opportunity for upward mobility!

Hobbies on the road

Not only do we want to give you some ideas on how to advance your career in trucking, we also care about your personal fulfillment! Here’s some great hobbies that truck drivers can easily adopt.


This is one of the most rewarding hobbies a CDL-A truck driver can take up. A huge part of the job is being on the road and seeing new landscapes across the states. There’s sure to be sights you’ll want to capture and taking photos that you can share with your family is a great way to stay connected while you’re not at home.

While there’s many pros to this hobby and how it fits into the life of a truck driver, one of the top advantages is that it’s cheap! With how advanced smartphones and their cameras are now, you can use your phone to power your photography hobby!

Learn a new language

Picking up a new language offers so many advantages: it is great mental exercise, it opens you to new cultures, it allows you to connect to new people, and it makes travelling easier. While it can be overwhelming to start practicing a new language as an adult, it’s more than possible to become proficient in a foreign language regardless of your age.

And, many language learning programs are audio-based, meaning that you can learn as you drive. A huge part of picking up a foreign language is dedicating plenty of time to it – as a truck driver you’re in the perfect position to tune into a language learning program for all the recommended listening times. Once you’re back home, you can show off your new skills to your loved ones!


If you’re having trouble relaxing at the end of the work day, this just might be the perfect hobby for you. Reading is a relaxing hobby shown to improve sleep quality. In order to succeed and be safe behind the wheel, you have to get enough sleep. Spending 15-20 minutes reading before bed instead of scrolling on your phone can increase your natural melatonin levels, making falling and staying asleep easier.

When you join Carter Express, you’ll find a carrier that cares about you on and off the road. Connect with us today to learn more!