At Carter Express, we know where the strength of our organization comes from: our employees. Across our entire team, serving in various roles, you all embody an unwavering commitment to teamwork, excellence, and going above and beyond. We wanted to share your incredible stories with everyone. Here are some employee spotlights from our top-notch team.

Driver of the Year: Marcus Speikes – The Epitome of Dedication

Marcus Speikes was our 2023 Anderson Driver of the Year. Marcus not only symbolizes excellence in his role but is also a devoted family man, seamlessly balancing the demands of the road with the warmth of home. His reliability, clockwork punctuality, and unwavering readiness to step up when needed makes him a true asset to the Carter family. We want to celebrate Marcus, a man whose actions speak louder than words.

Administrative Employee of the Year: Shaun S. – A Pillar of Support

Transitioning from the roads to the administrative realm, our spotlight turns to Shaun S., the 2023 Anderson Administrative Support Employee of the Year. A stellar trainer and a team enhancer, Shaun’s readiness to assist drivers across locations is unmatched. His daily presence embodies dedication, teamwork, and a relentless drive to excel. Join us in applauding Shaun, whose contributions have not only supported the team but propelled us to greater heights.

Owner Operator Excellence: Mark C. Spotlight – A Beacon of Positivity

In the driving force of our fleet stands Mark Cross, our 2023 Owner Operator of the Year. Mark’s commendable dedication, selfless service, and infectious positivity makes him a standout professional. Beyond being a driver, he’s a pillar of our community, setting the pace for excellence. Here’s to Mark, whose commitment transcends time and miles, making him a true professional on the road.

Excellence in Action: April M. – A Weaver of Excellence

Amid the intricacies of warehouse and maintenance, April takes center stage as our Warehouse & Maintenance Employee of the Year. Her meticulous attention to detail and exceptional work ethic illuminates every challenge she faces. April’s ability to adapt to change and tackle responsibilities head-on is not just a skill but a testament to her character. Join us in celebrating April, a true embodiment of excellence in action.

Vandalia Employee of the Year: Donald Dube – The Architect of Team Spirit in Vandalia

Turning the spotlight to Vandalia, we applaud Donald Dube, our Vandalia Employee of the Year. A true changemaker, Donald’s visionary leadership has transformed the second shift into a cohesive, positive powerhouse since 2019. His blend of hands-on training and heartfelt coaching has rewritten the narrative of collaboration and mutual respect. Let’s give it up for Donald, the man who shifted the atmosphere and lifted the spirits of everyone on his team.

Vandalia Driver of the Year: Todd Hiatt – Vandalia’s Road Maestro

In the heart of Vandalia, we recognize Todd Hiatt, Vandalia’s Driver of the Year, celebrating a decade with Carter. Todd’s dedication to going the extra mile resonates in every route he takes. His positivity radiates, creating a ripple effect of goodwill from fellow drivers to dispatchers. Here’s to Todd, a true professional on the road, whose commitment keeps our wheels turning seamlessly.

Romulus Employee of the Year: Michelle R. – A Radiant Force in Romulus

Meet Michelle R., the Romulus Employee of the Year, whose radiant positivity, and team spirit bring warmth to our workplace daily. Michelle’s pride as a Carter team member is evident in her actions, and her compassionate approach extends beyond her role. Let’s give a standing ovation to Michelle – a team member whose dedication, positivity, and compassion make Carter a workplace and a community to belong to.

Romulus Driver of the Year: Mark Sistler – Romulus’ Road Maestro

Mark Sistler, Romulus’ Driver of the Year, embodies the very essence of going above and beyond. From ensuring the fleet’s top-notch condition to running linehaul between Romulus and Anderson, he is a force that keeps us operating seamlessly. Let’s give a big round of applause to Mark, a true professional on the road, whose tireless efforts drive us forward daily.

Laredo Employee of the Year: Enrique A. – Laredo’s Dynamo

In Laredo, we shine the spotlight on Enrique A., the Employee of the Year. Known for his problem-solving skills and collaborative spirit, Enrique is the go-to team player who dives into challenges head-first. Let’s give a round of applause to Enrique, whose hard work and collaborative spirit keep our operations in Laredo running seamlessly.

As we celebrate these outstanding individuals, it’s clear that Carter Express isn’t just a company; it’s a family thriving on dedication, positivity, and collective success. Each story shared is a testament to the unwavering spirit that propels us forward. We want to spotlight each outstanding individual on our team. Here’s to you – the driving force behind Carter Express.