As we move into the early part of the new year, temperatures have dropped enough across the country for truck drivers to experience ice on bridges, sleet, and other dangerous roadways. When colder weather becomes a reality in your day-to-day driving, it’s time to make sure your cab is comfortable and safe for days and nights on the road. Here is Carter’s essential cabin checklist for truckers to remain safe, warm, and prepared for the miles ahead – no matter what the colder weather may bring!

Bundle up!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you do need to plan ahead when you’re hitting the road to prepare for low temps. Pack clothes that can easily be layered such as quality water-proof coats, gloves, and hats. Layering clothing will allow extra clothing, if needed, rather than one bulky item such as a heavy coat over a t-shirt. To make sure you don’t lose warmth due to wet feet, get yourself some water-proof boots with good insulation and wool socks. You might also consider an accessory such as a strap-on boot traction equipment to keep your footing on icy roads or parking areas.

Get a heavy-duty sleeping bag

A warm, insulated sleeping bag is a must-have for truckers during the winter months so it’s worth the investment for a quality sleeping bag. These insulated bags can run anywhere from $300 to $800 but last for years and keep you comfortable no matter how low temperatures drop. Check out reviews for some of the best models out there and choose the one that works best for your needs.

Warm up the mattress

Even if you have a good sleeping bag, a 12V mattress pad can help drivers stay toasty in the cab at night. Since you’ll want to be careful about idling, get one that can be plugged into a lighter or power socket.  These affordable 12V mattress pads are available from Amazon, Walmart or other retailers with a variety of sizes and multiple features. Most are machine washable and dryer safe.

Purchase rechargeable warmers

Hand and foot warmers have been used for years to boost the warmth inside gloves or boots, but they only last for a few hours. Today, truckers can purchase rechargeable warmers for on the road to use over and over. Modern technology makes the little devices easy to charge so you can always have access while out on the road. Many of the devices are sold in sets, or you can purchase warmers individually and based on your personal needs.

Other cabin warmth accessories:

  • Hand and Foot Warmers
  • Portable Space Heater
  • Extra Blankets

 Crack open a window

It may seem counterintuitive to open a window when we’re talking about staying warm, but that little opening makes sure moisture does not accumulate in your cab which would lower the temperature and make you uncomfortable.

Get a warm welcome!

Your safety and comfort are a priority at Carter Express, which is why it’s so important to us that our drivers stay safe, dry and warm this winter. We’re ready to offer you a warm welcome so if you’re interested in learning more about a Carter Express career, connect with us today.