John Carr is no stranger to truck driving. He has been in this industry for an impressive 31 years, 22 of which have been with us here at Carter. Many other drivers look up to him, not only for his expertise as a truck driver, but also for the example he sets when it comes to work-life balance – particularly when it comes to staying healthy on the road. We all know that staying fit and healthy as truck drivers can be difficult to do with the many sedentary hours we spend behind the wheel and the amount of time we’re away from home. John is someone who consistently prioritizes his health and shares with others how they can do the same.

Don’t make excuses

“A lot of drivers make excuses about eating fast food and not having time to work out. It’s too easy to sit here, do nothing and get out of shape,” John explains. “You have to have the will to do it.”

During the spring and summer, John likes to get outdoors as much as he can. He does it all – running, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking – to stay fit. During the colder months, it’s harder for him to get outdoors as much. As a local driver, his schedule keeps him busy most of the day.

“There’s just a lack of daylight which makes it harder,” he says. “I leave in the dark and return home in the dark, so I can’t do the same kinds of activities I do when the days are longer.”

Take every opportunity to move

This is why John takes full advantage of his gym membership to take daily fitness classes in the evenings. His favorite ones are boot camp and spin classes. But John is always looking for different ways he can stay in shape.

“You can even do it while you’re working,” he says. “A lot of times we’re sitting here at these docks for an hour or so. Get out of here and walk around – it’s that simple.”

Eat healthy whenever possible

When it comes to heathy eating habits, John says one of the most important things is to make a meal plan.

“Start with a plan. Then you can buy a cooler, pack groceries or your lunch and you always have healthy food available wherever you are.”

Drivers like John who enjoy taking fitness classes can utilize our discounted gym membership program. We’ll pay a portion of your gym membership to help you work towards your fitness goals. You can get more information about the discount codes for your specific terminal by calling Tammy in HR at x1351.

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