Stories from the Road

As professional drivers, your work schedule isn’t very typical – you spend long hours behind the wheel and are often away from home for several days or weeks at a time. The nature of this line of work has you crossing paths with people and situations you wouldn’t encounter otherwise.

For Patricia Ford of Romulus, Mich., she never expected to be able to put her medical knowledge as an LPN to use out on the road. However, she once came across someone experiencing a stroke, was able to grab a nearby CPR bag, and provide medical care until more help arrived.

Patricia is a grandmother of six and is engaged to be married sometime this spring. She’s enjoying her second career as a professional driver with Carter.

“Everything about this job is new to me,” she explains. “I never even drove across the country in my car, let alone in a big rig. This job brings something new every day.”

Alex Rios, who lives in Laredo, Texas, is also new to the driving career. He started driving with us this past spring, but even in that short time, he has found a special connection with other drivers.

“I’ve met a lot of other drivers on the road, not only from Carter but from other companies too,” he says. “This is a community of drivers who are willing to help you if you need anything. It’s not every man for himself out here – there are drivers that really care about each other and the industry.”

Both Bill Morris of Anderson, Ind., and Jonathan Belcher of Holcomb, Mo., say that’s not just the people and places that make this job interesting – it can be the weather too.

“I once had to chain up my tires in Wyoming, and then later that week had to do the same thing in Atlanta, Ga.,” Bill says. “We got stuck on the ice both times and had to put chains on. You just never know what kind of weather you’re going to run in to, no matter where you are around the country.”

Jonathan agrees. “In this job, you learn to run in all different kinds of weather and traffic. This isn’t the kind of job where you wake up and do the same thing every day. There’s always something new.”

Bill, who has been a driver for 16 years, also says that Carter’s organization is something that helps drivers navigate whatever they may encounter on the job.

“I’ve never worked with a company this organized before,” he explains. “They put a lot of thought into what they do, and it’s definitely helpful to us drivers.”

Vonda Coots, one of our drivers from Elwood, Ind., probably has one of the most unique stories of them all. Her son was a rider in her truck when they came across a herd of cattle in the middle of the highway.

“My son coaxed them out of the way while I hopped on the radio to warn other drivers about them,” she says. “It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

She also recalls a time when she helped a driver who got into an accident.

“The driver had gone off the road into a wooded area. You really couldn’t see him from the road, but I just happened to catch his hand go up in the air from my mirror,” Vonda explains. “I was able to go back and help get the police to him.”

We’re always interested in hearing more stories from the road. What’s the most interesting or unique experience you’ve had as a truck driver? At Carter, we’re always here to support you with whatever you encounter as a trucker. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for your career.