The Ultimate Truck Driver Guide

Truck Driver Gifts

Truck drivers may be minimalists by necessity, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy getting spoiled during the holiday season. Finding just the right gift for that special trucker in your life can be difficult to do, so Carter is here to help! We’ve gathered up our favorite list of must-haves for your favorite truck driver. Whether you’re looking to gift something functional or something for your trucker to enjoy for months to come, you’ll find it here:

Mini fridge (

When truck drivers are out on the road for days at a time, eating healthy and fresh food can be a difficult task. Having a mini-refrigerator allows drivers to prep food and grocery shop while at home, and store everything in their truck. It’s also a time saver when your meals are already pre-cooked or prepped ahead of time. Things to keep in mind when shopping for a mini-fridge includes the size and weight, the amount of space it takes up in the cab, easy installation, energy usage, and how well it cools and freezes.


Tools are handy to have in the truck for small maintenance projects and repairs, but an entire tool kit will take up too much space in a big rig. Having a handy multi-tool, like the Leatherman Super Tool ( allows drivers to have pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters and more at their fingertips with just a single tool. Something like the Trucker’s Friend multi-tool ( is great for removing objects stuck in tires, chipping away at the ice and helping put on tire chains.

Flashlight (

A good heavy-duty flashlight is a must for truck drivers. You never know when you’ll need to get out and check on something in the dark or need extra light to see something in a small space. We recommend choosing a flashlight that is rechargeable, easy to use with one hand and water-resistant for use in multiple weather situations.

Carter Express Gear

If your truck driver loves their job working with Carter Express, then our logoed gear and apparel is the perfect thing. Let them show off their career pride wherever they go.

Sirius XM (

Long hours in the truck can get old pretty quickly, so Sirius XM is a great way to pass the time. A Sirius XM subscription gives drivers access to commercial-free music, sports coverage, talk shows, and more.

Audible subscription (

Audiobooks are another good way to bring entertainment to truck drivers wherever they are. If your truck driver loves fiction, autobiographies, non-fiction, or just books of all kinds, this is the gift to give.


Everyone loves a care package filled with their favorite snacks. Choose items that are packaged in single or small servings, don’t require heating up or refrigeration, and aren’t messy to eat. Whether it’s sweet or salty, your truck driver will be sure to enjoy these snacks while they’re on the road. Bonus: use a basket or small storage tub to hold the snacks. These can be utilized for storing other items long after the snacks are gone.

Water bottle

Staying hydrated is important for truck drivers. Having a water bottle within reach allows them to drink consistently throughout the day. Choose a water bottle that fits easily into a cup holder and that’s large enough to limit the number of refills needed. This water bottle ( even has time markers to help drivers stay on track with their water intake.

Thermos (

A good thermos is perfect for keeping coffee, tea, and other hot liquids warm for longer periods. For drivers who want to avoid reheating the same cup of coffee all morning long, a good thermos is important to have.

Portable coffee maker

For some, caffeine is a must-have in the morning. If your favorite truck driver loves coffee, a portable coffee maker for their truck is a great gift idea. A 12-volt coffee maker like this one ( is easy to plug into their truck whenever they’re ready to brew a cup or two.

Portable shower caddy (

When you’re on the road for days at a time, showers on the go are a must. Every truck driver needs a good portable shower caddy to carry to and from truck stop showers and to help keep their toiletries organized. Look for a shower caddy that has space for multiple items, is compact for storing in the truck, is mildew resistant, and has a hook for hanging while in use.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season from Carter Express! Happy gifting!