This month, Carter Express is pleased to honor their trainers. They drive, they train, and they represent Carter with pride. The driver trainers with Carter Express are dedicated people whom any company would be glad to have working for them.

During training at Carter, the ultimate goal, according to one driver trainer is to “make drivers want to stay and work with Carter and make them feel comfortable.” The trainers help to accomplish this in many ways.

Safety—safety is a huge priority with Carter, and the trainers make sure to emphasize this in the orientation. This is number one.

Camaraderie—Given a little time, drivers become a part of the Carter family. Driver trainers are a key part of this, calling new drivers to check on them.  Company picnics and mentor programs help new drivers feel included and involved.

Communication—One of the driver trainers talked about how important open communication is to the training process at Carter. “The management is very understanding that people learn differently, and they are open to getting another trainer if someone wants that.” The importance of communication is pervasive at Carter.

Procedures—one driver trainer spoke about giving specific steps to teach procedures (1, 2, 3, 4 steps to do a specific task). Trainees also receive sheets that outline procedures and include phone numbers for contacts—whether it is dispatch, maintenance, or trainers.

Benefits—This is huge with Carter. Along with the insurance, 401(k), and other benefits, Carter offers several bonuses. Carter awards different bonuses in each group, based on the employees in a category:

  • Safety bonuses—for drivers who do not have accidents
  • Fuel bonuses
  • Idle bonuses
  • New employee bonuses

Carter trainers work hard to instruct and work with their trainees so that when their drivers are on their own, the drivers have the tools they need and the team behind them to deal with anything they might encounter on the road.

The driver trainers are dedicated, loyal people who are the first step in safety at Carter Express. Thank you to all our hard-working trainers at Carter!

Overall, Carter is a wonderful company, and anyone who works with them will see that. – Driver Trainer

It’s great working for Carter when they take care of your truck and you! – New Driver for Carter