The holiday time is quickly approaching, which means before we know it, the hustle and bustle will be upon us. With that comes increased traffic as families begin to travel, as well as the possibility of inclement weather. Staying safe during this time and staying connected to your family while you are away are top priorities for many truck drivers. Be sure to check out these tips for safe driving during this time and making sure you make the most of the holiday season yourself.

  • Safety First – Be sure your rig has been thoroughly inspected and passed all safety requirements to lessen the likelihood of a breakdown. While there’s never a great time to break down, it’s even less fun when doing so with increased traffic going by in subzero temperatures.
  • Pack Wisely – Be sure that your emergency safety kit has been restocked in the event you do break down along the road. It is also wise to keep two days’ worth of food and water with you in the event inclement weather creeps in and leaves you stranded.
  • Travel Wisely – While many truck drivers like to drive at night due to a lighter flow of traffic, holiday traffic can be steady both day and night. Because winter weather is approaching, experts say driving during the day, even in holiday traffic, is safer because you are able to spot icy patches easier than during the night.
  • Stay Alert – Make sure that you are alert and on the lookout for distracted drivers around you. Traffic will already be heavier during this season, and it only takes one distracted driver to cause a serious accident on the interstate.
  • Rest Wisely – Always idle between 900 and 1000s RPMs to ensure your engine does not freeze. It is also wise to make sure you always have at least half a tank of gas. While the gas itself will not freeze, condensation may build in an empty tank and freeze. 
  • Be Present – Being on the road can be isolating. When you do find yourself back home during the holiday season, take the time to be present with your family and friends. Try to eliminate distractions around you and truly enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.
  • Technology is your Friend – Not every truck driver will have the luxury of being home this holiday season. Take advantage of the technology the world has to offer these days. Video chatting is a great way to stay connected.
  • Be a Community – Look after fellow truck drivers who are on the road during the holiday season. While it may not be the same as your mom’s homemade dinner, taking the time to eat with fellow truck drivers while on the road can really boost morale.