Are you on TikTok yet? It’s a great way to pass the time, whether you’re watching the latest dance trend or looking to have a good laugh. We also love that it can be a great place to learn something new or connect with other drivers in the trucking community. Here are five truck driver TikTokers you might want to follow if you aren’t already:


Trucker Wazeer has been a driver for a year and a half and shares all about his life on the road and helpful for those thinking about becoming drivers. He enjoys answering questions from his audience – so much that several of them refer to him as “Bill Nye the truck driver guy.” Trucker Wazeer has nearly 350k followers and over 4 million likes on his TikTok videos.


Tierra Allen shares TikTok videos about life as a female truck driver, staying healthy on the road and tips for other drivers. She has over 70k followers on TikTok and can also be found on YouTube.


Trucker Doll is another popular female trucker who mixes videos of her on-the-road life with lighthearted humor. Her adorable co-pilot is a dog named Loki. Trucker Doll has nearly 450k followers and 5.5 million likes on her videos.


Alex Nino is a trucker out in California. Not only does he share TikTok videos about his life as an intrastate driver, but he also shares about fatherhood, family life and even taking his son out on the road with him. Alex has almost 1.5 million followers and 46 million likes on his videos.


Hannah is another driver newer to the trucking industry, but she’s already grown a following interested in sharing her journey and learning about life on the road. She shares pieces of her OTR life as well as what it’s like to travel with her dog Zona. Hannah has close to 70k followers and 900k likes.

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