It’s always nice to hear something nice! At Carter Express, we continuously ask our professional truck drivers for feedback on how we’re doing, what they like or don’t like, and where we can improve.

With driver input in mind, we’ve created opportunities for drivers to get frequent home time, earn steady pay, pull driver-friendly freight, and achieve generous bonuses.

We regularly create and distribute surveys for our drivers to complete and we monitor their responses so our growth is never a “one and done” effort. Also, our social media team constantly stays connected on the various platforms so we always see and respond to driver comments, posts, and questions.

We’re very pleased that these overall actions have been met with approval and appreciation from our driving force. Here are just a handful of comments Carter drivers have shared with us:

Francisco C: “Carter Express is a good company to work for. They really have taken good care of me and my wife — she is my co-driver. They really treat you like family and have given us time off when we really needed it.”

Kim B: “Worked for Carter in the past and I wanted to come back. Runs are great and the equipment is maintained great.”

Sean K: “I have been in trucking 34 years and Carter has been one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working for. Keep up the good work!”

Richard G: “Very respectful and professional. Work with the drivers. Good equipment and professional staff from everyone I have made contact with.”

Doug B: “All is going well. I am pleased I made the choice to join Carter Express.”

Jose C: “My trainer was the best. He was helpful all the time I was with him. He helped me become a better driver and answered all of my questions with no hesitation.”

Onye E: “Carter Express is an outstanding trucking company, they are concerned about their employees.”

Phillip W: “This company has exceeded my expectations.”

Tyler G: “It feels great being back. I wish that I would have never left!”

At Carter Express, we’re committed to offering the best to our drivers with our supportive family-friendly culture, priority on safety and a wide variety of driving opportunities. If you’re a truck driver looking to work for a carrier who listens to your input and can help you meet your goals, connect with us today to learn more!