Every truck driver is different, and they look for something different in their jobs based on driving style, pay, home time, freight time, and nature of the job.

Some of you might be thinking of starting a truck-driving career for the first time or considering a shift from your current trucking career. Whatever your situation is, it is very important to pick a type of job based on what matters most or works best for you. Take a look at this list of different truck-driving careers available at Carter Express.

Dedicated Regional Truck Drivers

A dedicated regional driver covers a small region and one primary customer. You will find that many trucking companies in the U.S. will serve a specific region based on customers’ specific needs. Since dedicated regional drivers only cover a smaller region, they get to enjoy more frequent home times. A truck driver operating within a region becomes familiar with the repeat customers, routes, procedures, trucking infrastructure, and times of operation, leading to consistency and more efficient use of time and resources. These jobs tend to get filled quickly, so contact our Carter Express driving recruiters to find out what is available in your area.

Regional Drivers

Regional drivers travel a larger region with longer distances of haul. Their routes generally include crossing state borders, and they may be out on the road for one to four nights at a time. All Carter Express regional drivers are home at least weekly, which is one benefit to driving for Carter. Regional drivers utilize a sleeper cab that is equipped with a bed inside the cab so they can rest while on the road. Team driving is a great option for regional routes (scroll down for more on team driving).

Home Daily Drivers

Home daily routes are available based on the specific needs of nearby customers.  The customer must have transportation needs that keep the driver close enough to get back home each night. Local, home daily drivers may be delivering loads with multiple stops in a day.

Yard Management

These drivers do all of their work moving freight around the terminal or yard of a single customer.  A yard driver’s role is management of tractor-trailers, making sure that they are in good shape, ready for transport, loading, and unloading. Yard drivers have great communication skills, deep knowledge of equipment, and the ability to operate a variety of equipment in the yard and dock areas. Yard Management drivers are also home daily.

Owner-Operator / Independent Contractor

Owner-operators or independent contractors work under contract for a defined time period, and they have control over their own business and bottom line. They may lease or own a truck, and they enjoy the flexibility of planning and managing their own loads, routes, and schedule. Owner-operators or independent contractors also have some access to a diverse freight within Carter’s network. Team driving is also an option (see below).


In team driving, two drivers ride in the same truck and take turns driving. They can potentially make use of resources such as equipment and manpower with more efficiency and tend to earn more because of how they coordinate mandatory rest periods. Team driving also tends to be safer as it decreases the likelihood of fatigue-related accidents. Many people choose to make a team with their spouses, friends, or family members.

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