As winter is approaching, snowy and icy conditions will increase the dangers on the road. From potholes to slick roads, many issues come from the lower temperatures and inclement weather. With this season coming, it’s important to take extra precautions to stay safe on the road. Here are some simple tips that will give you the edge you need to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

  • Ensure the Truck is in a Good Working Condition – Have you checked the tires? Wiper blades and fluids? Lights? Due to the difficult conditions, this is an extremely important step in ensuring your safety throughout your trip. Completing a full and thorough inspection of your vehicle allows you to know that your truck is ready for the haul.
  • Keep the Tank Full and Watch the Tires – Simply having the extra weight of a full fuel tank can improve traction on the winter road. Ensure that your tires are filled with the proper amount of air by checking them more frequently than usual.  While tire pressure is always an important safety measure, there is far less room for error on icy roads.
  • Watch the Speed and Keep a Safe Distance – Driving too fast in the winter weather can put yourself and other vehicles on the road in danger. Make sure that you are driving slowly and safely to maintain optimal control of your vehicle in harsh conditions. When conditions on the road take a turn for the worse, you never want to be too close to another vehicle. Increasing your distance allows you to remain safer even when the road is dangerous and gives you more time to respond to the errors of other drivers.
  • Watch the Conditions – If the road is too dangerous and the conditions are getting worse, then it may be time to consider getting off of the road. Poor conditions often lead to bad accidents, and it isn’t worth the risk to ignore the weather.
  • Outside of the Trailer – Be careful when you are getting in and out of the trailer as the steps, and other surfaces might be icy and slippery. Always watch out for possible slips and falls. Don’t neglect simple precautions like wearing gloves, a hat, earmuffs, or extra jackets when you are outside of the truck. Frostbite injuries are common in the winter weather and even a few minutes in extreme temperatures can cause harm.

Overall, what’s most important as the winter season approaches is that you take all the precautions necessary to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Use your best judgment. Whether it’s following the tips here or taking other safety measures, you need to be prepared for the weather ahead. Conditions can be difficult to navigate during these cold months, but taking the right steps toward safety will be valuable to keep your truck moving on the road.